Meeting No2

The February meeting will be on Tuesday the 3rd at Elaine’s. We are hoping to have sorted Elaine’s Acer computer out at last.Was taken back to place where it came from for second time had a lot stuff tha should not have been on it. Popups all advertising rubbish. If you are you are back in the UK and require a lift give me a bell Molly.




The New year Meeting

The New Year Meeting wil be held a Elaines on Tuesday January 27th 2015 1030am.

Hope you all will be able to attend.


The Enforcer

The Enforcer

2015 Meeting ??

Hi all talking to Bill yesterday about meetingĀ  we know that some lucky people are still away in the warmer climates so any idea when the next meeting will be and where.” HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL”

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